Deadline for submitting commercial offer bids - Saturday, April 15, 2017


The maximum tender amount (UAH) - 46200 UAH.

Types of services - Organization of events, activities


All-Ukrainian Charity Organization "Down Syndrome" announces tender for Logistics Service Provider to hold a three-day training "Strong parents - strong children" for parents raising the Down syndrome-diagnosed children.

This announcement is an invitation to the open tender for the procurement of services for organization of events. The competitive selection is performed under the Grant Agreement dated 26/10/2016 and under the "Social services - joint efforts" charity project.

Term of services provision: 18-20 April 2017

Qualifying requirements

Logistic services for training delivery include:

1. Search, engaging a coach having trained under the "Strong parents - strong children" program.

2. Coach transport compensation

3. Search for the best contract partner for the participants catering in accordance with the training program approved.

4. Training handouts development and preparation of 14 kits.

5. Ensure the coach compensation under the program.

6. Perform photography of the training and provide the customer with the pictures.

Conference venue – Kyiv city, 51 Rayduzhna Street, Early Childhood Development Center for the Down syndrome-diagnosed children.

The training program is hosted at:

Conditions of participation in the tender:

1. Both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs are invited to tender.

2. A provider who intends to participate in the tender shall send the following list of documents (indicating "Tender for the training delivery" in the subject line) to the e-mail referred to below, until 12:00 p.m. on April 1st 2017:

Copies of the registration documents (extract from the USR on state registration, taxpayer certificate, other permits, licenses and documents available).

Information on the cost of services. The tender offer on the cost of services should be available on the application form with the specified details, contact numbers, e-mail addresses.

Selection criteria:

  • Professional experience in organizing events;
  • Cost of services;
  • Providing services excluding VAT;
  • Additional benefits.


Introduction to the basic education models. Presentation the guiding model of education, which is the basis of the course for parents

The child’s primary (mental) needs. What makes a child strong and mentally stable under pressure

What kind of a tutor am I? What shall be my task?

Which way shall I behave as an educator in challenging situations?

Who will be provided with the service - parents raising the Down syndrome-diagnosed children

Contact person - Zyryanov Vyacheslav

The number of participants - 14

Comercial_offer form




I’m the mother of Mylana, almost 5 years old girl, who we adopted 4 years ago. We started to go to this center of early intervention when Mylana was half a year living with us. For us it was very helpful to get good advise how to stimulate Mylana. It was also very good to meet with other parents and talk with them. At the moment Mylana is attending a group here on Friday’s from 10 -12(a.m.). She loves to go there and learns a lot. Once a week we have a consultation with the speech therapist. She is a very experienced woman! Mylana loves to go there and it’s very helpful! Mylana has showed a lot of progress in her speech and in her over all development. We are very satisfied with the help we get here. Thank you for supporting this center.

Joke Harryvan"

Dear friends!

Ukraine is in tears and fears. We are exhausted and shattered emotionally. We buried those heroes who died on Maidan and hoped to resolve politically our situation. But our hopes for peace failed to materialize. Now Ukraine is facing the war. With the incredible pressure and a direct threat from Russia it is difficult to predict the future. Russian media carry on a blatant and deceitful anti-Ukrainian propaganda. There is a high probability of the new riots provoked by subversive activities of Russian groups. Democracy cost Ukrainians dearly. So many lives. So much blood. And more seem to be coming.

As an NGO we have no state support whatsoever and that’s why depend heavily on corporate and private donations. Now businesses are shrinking or closing their CSR programs as they do not know what lies ahead. Economic situation is extremely unstable (UAH rate fell by 30%). The main stream of private donations is now for the families of dead, wounded or to support Ukrainian independent media and self-defense units.

But babies with Down syndrome are still born despite the war threat. Our children need the same support as during the peaceful times. We ask you to help us at this moment of Ukrainian history. We will greatly appreciate any donation that will keep us afloat over the difficult time.

Together we will be able to create a new future for children with Down syndrome in Ukraine!
Thank you!


The Early Development Center “Down Syndrome” opened its doors in November 2010 thanks to the charitable donations of individuals and legal entities

The Center provides professional counseling and educational assistance to children with Down syndrome from birth to 8 years old.

The services provided cover all aspects of development, behavior, emotional and social adjustment of children and help them prepare for independent living, successful interaction with peers, attendance of kindergartens and schools. Our teachers implement techniques that were developed and are extensively used both in Ukraine and abroad. To date, UChO “Down Syndrome” has a clear set of programs that cover all major areas of child’s development.

All services provided at the Early Development Center are free.