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Dear friends!

Dear friends!

Ukraine is in tears and fears. We are exhausted and shattered emotionally. We buried those heroes who died on Maidan and hoped to resolve politically our situation. But our hopes for peace failed to materialize. Now Ukraine is facing the war. With the incredible pressure and a direct threat from Russia it is difficult to predict the future. Russian media carry on a blatant and deceitful anti-Ukrainian propaganda. There is a high probability of the new riots provoked by subversive activities of Russian groups. Democracy cost Ukrainians dearly. So many lives. So much blood. And more seem to be coming.

As an NGO we have no state support whatsoever and that’s why depend heavily on corporate and private donations. Now businesses are shrinking or closing their CSR programs as they do not know what lies ahead. Economic situation is extremely unstable (UAH rate fell by 30%). The main stream of private donations is now for the families of dead, wounded or to support Ukrainian independent media and self-defense units.

But babies with Down syndrome are still born despite the war threat. Our children need the same support as during the peaceful times. We ask you to help us at this moment of Ukrainian history. We will greatly appreciate any donation that will keep us afloat over the difficult time.

Together we will be able to create a new future for children with Down syndrome in Ukraine!
Thank you!


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